Monday, May 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Idun The Ocicat kitten

Cuteness overload ♥

The new forum for ocicat-lovers!

Hi all,The forum we have had some discussions about is finally done!S*Powerspots, Per has created this forum and the meaning is that it willbring ocicat breeders together around the world.It's not yet all done, I have just 13 country's on the breederslist and USisn't there yet but will come of course :)The countries that are there but missing your breedername, PM me!Please feel free to register your nick at the forum and start discussions!Some of the groups aren't done yet and some lighter rules will be put upalso. For example we want to keep the kittenlist fresh, so haven't theeditor refreshed the info for about 2-3 month the litter/kitten/cat willautomaticly be cleared from the list.We expect that there will be discussions and when there are such of a veryhot content..we also expect good behaviour.Constantly bad behaviour will give warnings and finally a expellation.Feel free to spread the world to your friends!

Kittens for sale

Since most of us will agree these kittens are definately not chocolate
and doubt seriously they are even Ocicats. Wonder what combination gave
her makerel patterned not spotted cats????